Spaß mit Kultur.
Clikck on the photo for German culture information.

Want to go to Germany but need some help getting started.  Visit this website for some great information on where to go and where to stay. 

The German 2 students have pen pals with Evangelische Mittelschule Schneeberg n Germany through ePals.  Learners connect to other languages and cultures in ePals promoting connections outside the 4 walls of the classroom and fostering understanding and knowledge of the global community.


Open this document to complete the mini-webquest about Weihnachten in Deutschland.  Viel Spaß!

Willkommen zu Deutsch !!!

Es gibt viel zu lernen, aber Deutsch macht Spaß. 


Diese Woche in Deutschklasse !!!

The first 9 weeks is quickly coming to an end.  Grades should be posted by next Monday. 

In German 1 we are starting the unit activities people do outside of school such as playing videogames, playing sports and doing homework. Check in to the Hausaufgaben page later this week to see the Padlet Bulliten Board with links to what the students like to do or play in their free time.

In German 2 we are talking about the weather and you should be able to see some of their work within a few days on the Hausaufgaben page also. Check out their Padlet Class Page to see what they can say about the weather in German.

In German 3 we are finishing Kapitel 1 and moving onto Kapitel 2 next week.  That chapter will focus on helping others and making plans.

In German 4 we are starting Kapitel 8 next week.  This unit is all about fashion and clothes!

In German 5 and AP we are finishing the Familie unit and will focus on entertainment in the city. The students received information on the CollegeBoard website.  Please encourage them to use the resources on the site.  Click on the link above for more information.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me via the email link at the bottom of this page.


mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Frau Ursula Rockefeller

German Keyboard

German 1 class

You asked for it and you got it!! Click on the photo or the link and you will find your German keyboard (Tastatur).

This website accompanies your textbook and is a great resource as a study guide for quizes and tests!!  The key word you will need is located at the beginning of each chapter.
Die Stadt Stuttgart für Deutsch 4

Noch mehr über Stuttgart.

Need to do your flash cards and don't have your Komm mit level 1 book?

Go to this site and scroll down until you find the appropriate Kapitel and Stufe. 

Search in German on for authentic results!!

American movies are very popular in Germany.  Most of the movies are dubbed in German but you will usually find at least one or two movies playing in English with German subtitles.  The movie titles also change a bit.  Click the link above and find out for yourself.  Viel Spaß!

Wie findest du basteln?  Here's a cool arts and crafts website for children of all ages.  Just right for the learner of German in middle and high school. 

Tanzen Sie gern?  Tanzen Sie bitte mit der Maus!
Visit the German 4 and 5 Wikispaces Homepage for information on some German composers.

Matoaca High School Deutsch 1 Wikispace

L. C. Bird High School Wikispace für Deutsch 1.

Alles über Deutschland Webquest

Ein kleines Webquest über Deutschland!  Viel Spaß!

Schloß Neuschwanstein Webquest

Discover the mad König Ludwig II aus Bayer Deutschland!

    "Deutsch macht Spaß

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