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 Websites created by students for students 
Besuchen Sie Virginia

See what Virginia has to offer. German 3 students created a website in German showcasing what Virginia has to offer the German speaking tourist. Enjoy!

MINT in Deutsch 1 2017-2018

Throughout this school year students will improve creativity and critical thinking skills implementing ISTE Student Standard 6 by utilizing Google Websites to document the MINT based activities into individual portfolios.

Briefefreunde in der Schweiz

German 2 students at LC Bird High School have continued the pen pals contact with our sister school in Switzerland.  They have fostered connections outside the 4 walls of their classroom increasing their knowledge and understanding of the global community. 

 Deutschlernen mit Apps im Handy !! 
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 Learn German 

 German grammar, vocabulary and culture resources!!!

Es gibt viel zu lernen, aber Deutsch macht Spaß. 

Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find German grammar, vocabulary and culture resources for students and teachers. Please feel free to email me, using the contact information at the bottom of the website, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

               Study Abroad in Deutschland

Visit this Canvas Site to research information for German Study Abroad Programs. 

Learn German  /  Lern Deutsch!!!

Congratulations to Ian Thornbrugh, who will be attending a German High School in his senior year. He is one of 250 students in the USA who received a scholarship to study abroad one year for free!! Our trip to Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland was fantastic! Students immersed themselves in the local culture and made new friends.  School starts again in September so practice your German before you get back! Try one of the podcasts located on the right of this page or check out the German Classes page with a lot of resources.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at The direct Link is at the bottom of this page.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Frau Ursula Rockefeller

 German Keyboard Options 

You asked for it and you got it!! Click on the photo or the link and you will find your German keyboard (Tastatur).

Ein kleines Webquest über Deutschland!  Viel Spaß!

 Websites for learners of German 

Search in for authentic results!

Vist Step into German at Goethe Institüt to see popular German music videos and learn about the artists.


Besuchen Sie meinen YouTube channel.

American movies are very popular in Germany.  Several are dubbed in Deutsch and sometimes the movie titles change.  See for yourself.  Viel Spaß!

A cool arts and crafts website for children of all ages.  Just right for the learner of German in middle and high school.

Popular children's website in Deutschland.  Visit die Maus, Schaun das Schaf, Elefanten, und Käpt'n Blaubär.

Visit this website for some great information on where to go and stay.

On Freitag Deutsch 4/5/AP Students discuss a current event in German mit Kuchen und heißer Kakao! 

 Online Aktivitäten 
    "Deutsch macht Spaß

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