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 Das Alphabet 

                    The German Alphabet
                   Das deutsche Alphabet

A a       [ah]                                        N n      [en]
B b       [bay]                                      O o      [oh]
C c       [tsay]                                      P p      [pay]
D d      [day]                                      Q q       [koo]
E e       [ay]                                         R r       [air]
F f        [ef]                                         S s       [ess]
G g       [gay]                                      T t       [tay]
H h       [hah]                                     U u       [oo]
I i         [ee]                                        V v       [fow]
J j         [yot]                                     W w      [vay]
K k      [kah]                                      X x       [iks]
L l        [el]                                        Y y      [ipsilon]
M m     [em]                                      Z z       [tset]

                             ß           [ess-tset]
                         Ö ö       [oh-umlaut]
Ä ä       [ah-umlaut]
Ü ü       [oo-umlaut]     

 Die Zahlen 
 Die Farben 
    "Deutsch macht Spaß

    Matoaca and Bird High Schools
    Chesterfield County Public Schools
    Matoaca Phone:  (804) 590-3108