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Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum Framework for K-12 levels

Use this "Common Sense" form to learn how to make citations properly when you cite a site.

Website Evaluation Tool for students to use in the classroom.

Click this icon to down load the rubric which accompanies the Website Evaluation Tool.

Taking the mystery out of copyright. Click on the link to get all the information available at the Library of Congress pretaining to copyright.

What rights to fair use do you have as a creator?

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About Me

I started my teaching career as a Germn instructor teaching in a small German program where I had the unique challenge of  teaching multiple level classes during single class periods at two schools.  I therefore started incorporating technology in innovative and creative ways to promote student engagememt and usage in the target language. In general I have seen over time how instructors of all curriculum are challenged in the classroom.  Using the Blended Learning Theory has made my life so much easier.. I have seen student engagment increase just by doing little things to enhance my lessons. Incorporating efficent planning, instruction and assessment has freed me up to help all types of learners in my classes. As a result the German program has now doubled in size.  It is my intent to share resources I have created along with materials and lessons used in Professional Development and Workshop sessions. Please feel free to contact me via the email listed at the bottom of my website with tips and suggestions for improvement.  

    "Deutsch macht Spaß

    Matoaca and Bird High Schools
    Chesterfield County Public Schools
    Matoaca Phone:  (804) 590-3108